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STF-Filtros offers multiple filtration system solutions including automatic water filter, seawater auto strainer, screen filters and apply them according to our customers’ specific requirements and industrial needs. Our highly experienced engineers will advise you on the most appropriate and reliable solutions.

Our company has portable equipments for new applications in order to optimize the filtration processes by means of testing.

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STF-Filtros is a company committed to meet the demands in different sectors that require technical solutions for fluids treatment.

STF-Filtros is specialized in the design and manufacturing of water filtration system, screen filters, auto strainer, seawater auto strainer, automatic water filter, disc filters and media filters for industrial, irrigation and municipal applications.

A stream of solutions

Our wide range of products covers all needs, flow rates and filtration degrees for any application.

Our automatic water filter, screen filters, seawater auto strainer, disc and sand filters offer multiple models, materials and characteristics that cover a whole filtration spectrum. We manufacture under different Norms.

water filtration system


industrial water filtration

Municipal applications range from low flow rate water filtration systems in WWTP to high flow rate water filtration systems.

automatic water filter


seawater auto strainer

STF-Filtros meet the necessities in the industrial selective market by means of specific manufacturings.

auto strainer


screen filters

Irrigation and especially localised irrigation, is a sector that demands high quality products and service.